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What do you mean by app-based learning?

Speed Medical Institute has developed a Speed Learning App. This app has been developed for the convenience of the students. The idea of this app is that the student is not required to study for the PG Entrance examination which means that the student will only listen to the lectures and practice for the exam and will read those e-books and go to attend the examination. All of which can be completed in the mobile itself.

If a student would listen to all the video lectures of 500 hours for 5 times, write all the subject-wise exams and grand exam, read all the e-books which are given. If the student is not convenient and comfortable in reading, we provide printed books as well.

If a student would complete all these three exercises, we assure not even 95% but 100% results. Because today, there is abundant of technology and the student should not read with difficulty, they should enjoy learning. Enjoyed learning because the video content of current year is made with all the required animated videos and all required pictures to describe the topics and get on to the PG Entrance Examination.

So, if the student listens for 5 times and practice, it can lessen the time for learning. And in case if anyone wants to go to a class, Speed Institute has a combination of taking an app and getting the classroom free. That means if a student gets enrolled and registers for an app-based learning, they can take the regular class coaching in any of the classes across the country. Speed Institute runs 25 face to face class programmes with the live classrooms with the teachers and 100 satellite-based classes across the country.

If a student enrolls in the app based learning, they can learn at their convenience the minute they enroll and start for their preparation. In case, if they want to go and see the teacher live and listen to the classes, the address has been published on our website and also on our facebook page and on the weekends they can go and attend those classes according to the schedule published.

So, this app based learning is really wonderful and we recommended all students to download on their Android or IOS and experience themselves and join the speed learning app course to get the maximum benefits and for those students who cannot attend classes anywhere or who are working should definitely go for the app and can complete the preparation at their convenience. We recommend all the aspiring students to join with our Speed Learning App.

Dr.K.Vinayak Senthil
MBBS, M.ch(CTVS), MRCS(Edin.)UK DNB(Gen, Surgery),
Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon,
Consultant Laparoscopic & Gastro Surgeon
Founder & Chairman, Speed Medical Institute, Chennai

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