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How to Prepare for NEET SS New Pattern 2018?

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Dear doctors, this is with regards to NEET Super Specialities (SS), 2018. There is a recent notification regarding the change in the pattern of NEET SS, 2018.

Now, what is the latest pattern for NEET Super Speciality?

The pattern says clearly that 40% of questions will be asked from the respective speciality and the rest 60% questions will be asked from the speciality that the examinee is going to choose. The National Board of Examination (NBE) has allowed two specialities to choose.

Suppose, if one is choosing surgical gastroenterology and surgical oncology, then, 40% of preparation must be there from general surgery and rest 60% of preparation should focus on surgical gastro and surgical oncology and this 60% will be in-depth. That means the books for the super-speciality needs to be followed.

Now, for all those examinees preparing for past one year, it will get difficult to do the preparation as per the new pattern as there are almost two to three months to go for the exam and one has to complete the books in respect to the speciality and that too in entirety. That means it’s going to be very difficult to prepare in this proposition in such small duration.

So, the students will focus on what speciality they want and will spend more time to read the speciality and go for an entrance exam. Now, coming on to the doctors preparing for this NEET Super Speciality, we at Speed Medical Institute have made a plan for them.

For the 40% of general surgery position or 40% of general medicine positions or the respective specialities taken will be covered for four days and for the super-speciality portions, we have planned to bring the people who are in Post MCH and in super-speciality in the respective speciality who have read those kinds of books having a subjective knowledge in depth to teach the examinees for another four days.

So, general surgery or general medicine covering 40% portion, will be covered in four days and other speciality comprising 60% of the portion will be covered in four to five days where all those Post MCHand Post DM will handle those classes.

These classes are going to be scheduled for the month of March. So, the examinees will have a class of 7-8 days minimum for one particular speciality were the 40% will be in general surgery or general medicine and 60% will be in speciality.

Last year, during the crash course programme conducted by Speed Medical Institute, the total number of teachers participated in this program in MCH was close to 130 Post MCH surgical-speciality and we have a very good resource in Speed because the maximum number of Post MCH and Post DM available in the country are only in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Similarly, for DM, we have Post DM faculties close to 100 and 125+ in numbers available in Chennai.

So, in case, anyone wants to appear for NEET SS this year and need any support can come over to Chennai in the month of March. The scheduled date will be announced shortly and a form will be opened on our website to understand which speciality the students are interested in to know the exact numbers. Accordingly, these class schedules will be framed as per the requirement of the students to complete syllabus at one stretch.

For all those students who cannot come to Chennai and are working or are at different places, can access all those classes happening here through remote satellite centres for live videos or through our Speed Learning App. These videos in the App can be watched in two days delay of the recorded videos. The students can choose from either online course or regular course. If the student has spare time, he/she can come over to Chennai or else can choose from those videos in Speed Learning App.

Whatever best support that can be given to the students from this part of the country will be definitely given as a part of Speed Institute. A lot of Post Graduates, who have completed from Speed Institute, do know about us and all those have not done from us can get to know from those students who have done in Speed Institute and I welcome all those aspiring for NEET Super Speciality for preparation with Speed Institute.

Dr.K.Vinayak Senthil
MBBS, M.ch(CTVS), MRCS(Edin.)UK DNB(Gen, Surgery),
Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon,
Consultant Laparoscopic & Gastro Surgeon
Founder & Chairman, Speed Medical Institute, Chennai

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