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How to prepare for 2019 PG Medical Entrance Exam? (NEET, AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER)

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What are things to do for yearlong operations, So what are the basis per questions, for oneself is going to start the preparations, the students who have prepared last year would have undergone those exercise and they will know what to do and how to do. But the students for the fresh years as passed is going to complete the internship or past internship this year 2018 and they going to start the exercises of  preparation for 2019, this lecture will definitely be useful for all those students who have done one year of preparing they have gone for all the AIIMS exam, PGI and JIPMER and they have got the scores and the scores are less and then you have to wait for your all India ranking and the counselling. Then we will decide how to go for next step. Now for those students who are starting for the first time going to start about of PG Entrance Preparations for the first time what are the things to be followed

what is the most important parameter for me to prepare for PG Entrance?

Now let us address under three headings (ie)

  • The kind of preparation
  • The place of preparation
  • Technology

The kind of preparation

The student has to take on should a student has taken coaching or a training institute for a PG Entrance or can he prepare by himself? Now we need to understand when a student should join or when student can prepare by themselves if a student read suppose all the subjects autonomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, pharmacology and India of the lespium and also surgery medicine OCD and their level of preparations during undergraduate days for the respective year of exams were good enough and they have read all those textbooks well and especially those students have read Harris and Ganoin Harper and Robbins Pathology. So, this four to five subjects they have read well in undergraduate days, I will suggest that you will not require training in coaching institute now in case you have not done in your undergraduate days and then you might be required some help and those students done in undergraduate well all then they need to do is they need to write sub test series some exams and practise some old questions where the question bank available in the market. I think that will be more than enough for them to get on institute especially AIIMS, PGI and JIPMER and even the NEET 2019. So, those are the students who are will be the toppers and they can focus on the areas which they are very strong and focus on which are really need for their exam. Now for those students who feel that my undergraduate preparation is not that comfortable like they use technology-based and to go on the exam that they might require coaching institute. Now you look into coaching institute there are only few coaching institutes will be there for PG entrance examinations. And all the students who ever in the propose of getting to prepare for PG Entrance Exam will know the institutions which are available for this preparation now the institute which is only on two aspects of the country.

1.The institute which is based on Delhi and institute which is based on the south in Chennai and in Kerala. so, there is only two end of the map in India there are coaching institute available now which one shall choose and what I will choose. Choosing an institute depends on multiple parameters, the best parameter to choose the institute will be with your senior’s references now any of you senior have where studied in that institution previous year and definitely, you can ask them their experience and even then that experience would help you.

2.The second way of choosing the institute is to look on the ranks what is procedure the last exams and the rank look on is very important the rank look on is not the first ten or twenty rank. See, I will tell you first to twenty ranks which is not determined at all, it is determined by the student themselves now any topper the first ranker or one to ten or one to twenty students himself not going to not going to get it or the training  institute will not know it because I’m doing the training propose for the past 18 years. I will tell you if a student get the top rank that means blessings for the institute that to have a student that the truth actually, it’s not that institute that has given a rank to him, it’s that topper given the rank to that institute, now if the first ranker has joined the institute and the institute get the credit of posting him as a topper for the institute and to get on more admissions that fact and is the truth. So every time the ranker first ranker does not belong to any institute he belongs to himself the credit goes hundred percent to him and does not look into top ranks, then what will I decided and what ranks should I decided you have look at the average ranks what are the total number of student studied in the institute and how many ranks it has been produced and that you can definitely go through the research because you belong to one medical college from and that medical college where your seniors have gone and those seniors studied in which institute from there they qualified are not that is the best way to do it or social media you have Facebook every institute post their students who have scored ranked in the Facebook and you can browse through four five institute which would post the ranks in the Facebook you can look into a average number of ranks because any students joins any institute look into comfortable rank to get a seats of his choice students will say I’m going to get the first rank and I’m going to get a seat because it might be my ambition nobody will come out and openly say that so what I will I suggest you want to choose an institute first could be the reference from your senior or than would be the looking into ranks and then joining in that institute now the teachers. I will tell you the faculties are the key factors important and who are the faculties that you need to look on, so you need to look on those faculty experienced in the field of entrance and teaching and you can definitely get on to those class videos and get on how could they teach before even you could join because the technology every institute can have a class videos of 10 minutes or 20 minutes the videos for all the subjects look in to it you will be able to join in those classes. Now, I will tell you those faculties who are in the respective specialties and those faculties who are into clinical practice that are very important. Do not join any institute whose the faculty are full time teaching before the entrance, I will tell you why because those faculty who are practising and they will be able to tell you what are the recent updates in the field of practise, if suppose going to surgery what are the updates in the surgery and what are latest aspect which are been into the field and those subject specialist will definitely be able to tell you that and let it be for medicine, let it be for any subjects it means that they are either in to medical college or in hospitals that they practise and same time they will teach. Because most of the situation especially in institute exams will ask you on clinical basis suppose, if they give you a slide because they will give you a photograph or picture now in case the teacher does not have experience of looking into that slides in the microscopes or looking on to the clinical photograph or patients then he will not be able to give you that how much of fairy to deliver that may not be asked as equivalent to as you see the patient. In fact, you need to learn from a person who is practicing that will really inspire you and to get the feel of the subject. So, definitely you need to understand that you need to get on to those kind of teaching technology .

And next what will determine the aspect of joining in the institute is about the culture that means what is that into the system now. You need to see whether they are 100 percent is done for only commercial aspect or is there is a passion to teach. So, there are two things essentially finance is required for everyone to teach now if you could understand that if a teacher takes the class that he likes to teach the student and where are those teachers and in which institute are those teachers are available. So, you need to choose that these are the teachers that I will choose for my learning, it means it is not that I will try to capitalize the students need and I will make more money because of the money I’m taking the class. So, those kinds of systems will not give you the results that you are expected. Next, what can I will tell you is then the faculty after that the materials. I will always be recommended the students to follow the material given by the institute, whatever the material that is given by the Institute for teaching in any institute, you please follow that you need not buy any books from the market. In case you need by some books from the market from your seniors experience you can do so. But, before that you will finish all the materials that are given in an institute that you join and follow their class notes along with the given materials and similarly the test series write the test series what the necessaries given by the institute and where you are joined and finished those test series and then additional test series if get more time. So there are the basic things that you will require for your preparation I will tell you why if you are going to follow a different system in the market and different system in the institute both will not give you any kind  of a benefit so there will not be any synergy so if you join the place trust the place and follow what the system gives you in that institute it be teacher ,it be materials or test series .So, this is all about to choose an institute and apart from that the next what we are talking about is the best place to study, now the best place to study is definitely not the home.

I can suggest you if your completed you medicine MBBS internship and you joined in an institute most of the institute runs in weekends Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Rest of the day, I suggest you will go out of your home and go to the nearest library which is available for you and library times generally opens up 8 am to evening 9 pm spend entire 13 hours or 14 hours which available in the library. Because those students who study in the library are the real motivators for you other than class days. So, I will definitely suggest you is that you go out of your home and spend entire day and that day in the library is the most protective hours in your PG preparation in home there would  be a lot of distractions that will not allow you to give you that number of hours that required for your entrance the minimum hours required for a day for full-time preparation is most 10 to 12 hours.

The place of preparation

That the basis hour you need to put on is to be in a place that would give you a good environment now another part of talking about environment is exclusive environment that you can choose in case you want to travel outside from your place than there are lots of places available in towns in Kerala in Chennai where you can travel to a campus or residential campus were every student in the campus in the place of campus for preparing for the same exam. So, the environment itself is preparing for one exam and that could be a real motivating factor for you prepare for PG entrance. So, it is very simple because either you will be in your own place native place and spent less time in the home and more time in the library OR you want in case you need to shift, then you can shift the places were the facilities are available. You will go to an environment where the entire environment is preparing for the same exam.


Technology places a role when you don’t have an access, that means I don’t get an access to the classes and I can’t be going to a coaching centre. So, what kind of technology available today there are two kinds of technology available today you aware of it: Satellite-Based Learning and other is an App-Based Learning.

1.Satellite-Based Learning:

Now in case you want to understand the Satellite-Based Learning where the teacher operates from a remote studio and to a remote site where a there is no access to a coaching centre. 1.In choosing a satellite centre you should be extremely careful to ask yourself that if I’m going and joining a satellite centre is real classrooms or live classes or recorded classes. So, you will choose live classes. 2. If you choose a live class asks for can I interact with the teacher? So if these two facilities are there I will attend the live class and the same time I will be able to speak to the teacher. Because the technology has become two communication that I will be able to speak with the teacher now if I’m able to speak with the teacher then it will be as good as not 100 percent it will be 95 to 96 percent as a face to face class. So that could be an option in case you don’t have a access and could be a good option if don’t have an option to the nearest coaching centre .

2.App-Based Learning:

The advent of App-Based Learning sees I have seen a couple of videos on the YouTube and Facebook See you don’t accept the technology. Today it may not be appropriate for the time it is about how my experience in this PG entrance training program for 18 years, I started this program in the year 2001. Now, I would have closely trained to the lakhs of students. So, I will tell you the technology gives you convince that means you learn at any place anywhere at your convenient time. So, we cannot exclude the technology you may not wipe off the technology because we are using comfortable technology. I will tell you in another 2 or 3 years there will not be any coaching centre there will be only technology. I’m telling you in advance, I want a pioneer in this field in another 2-3 years if coaching centre is not upgrade to technology you will not in the field why I will tell you to need to look on the convince of the student, not the convince of the institute it means you should be bold enough upload all your content in technology platform and you need to give to the students that are very important is the message given to the institute all the people running the institute. I will tell you why because student today want the back up what that the classes he wants. So for the students what I trying to tell is if the technology available and entire course content is available in the technology, I think you should go for it, why I tell you because all the content in your hand you can customise your preparation that means you want to complete in two months there will be a 400 to 500 hours of video lecture to complete one course for PG entrance. 400 to 500 hours can be completed easily in 2 months so far. 2 months you can complete the course continuously if you are going to watch those videos you going to complete the course. So, 2 months you completed the course you can start your preparation that you have insight what are the topics are required what are the areas teachers are discussing the things I should have I know. If you want to stretch to 6 months you can do so, there are a lot of convent in that.It can be completed in 2 months or 3 months or 6 months according to the student’s schedule and then you can plan for your revision quickly and you can watch a number of times. So, that would less than the burden of the student buying by books sitting for the lecture for long hours. So all that you need to do is should put the headphones and listen to the classes for 4 to 5 times, it will automatically go into long-term memory. So, if the technology plays I will suggest the student use for the technology because that less the time for reading that gives you a backup and easy to revise and in case you have a technology with you and you have a connect of a real-time class either through classroom or satellite that you can use both. So, you can write the test and you can see the videos and you can learn the e-books and the test series is there then you can write the test series and you can get a ranking and all India ranking. So it’s going to be a convention that would come in your mobile or tab. So, I mean if it’s available and if you would choose technology based or app-based learning. I will say I will recommend it that you should go for it institute going to provide for you that and you should take the option of that. We have discussed institute to choose and the books to read and the environment to prepare and technology to be used so beyond on that I will tell you who determines your rank and who determine your results, you determine your rank and your results. It is that your consistency on your pursuance and your hard work will determine your results. Now I will tell you all the institutions will give you more or less regret your exams there might be 10-15 percent variation that’s it may not match but you determine your results and your preparation and your performance. Once you start it you must be consistency with your preparation consistent your workout on MCQ’s and if you could get on to that definitely anything is achievable and in my experience, I will tell you those students who have spent 6 to 8 months with complete dedication and minimum of 10-12 hours of preparation and attending all the classes and attending all Mark exams and test series and subject wise and rank test have definitely done well and you also will do well.


Dr.K.Vinayak Senthil
MBBS, M.ch(CTVS), MRCS(Edin.)UK DNB(Gen, Surgery),
Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon,
Consultant Laparoscopic & Gastro Surgeon
Founder & Chairman, Speed Medical Institute, Chennai

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